Gaddafi Vows to Fight to the Death

Muammar_al-GaddafiLibyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi would rather die fighting than surrender to NATO-backed rebels bent on ending his nearly 42-year reign.

In a defiant speech through state television on Tuesday, Gaddafi said the war in his country would end either with his death or victory. “We will not surrender: we only have one choice – to the end! Death, victory, it does not matter, we are not surrendering!” he yelled. Gaddafi delivered the fighting words as NATO warplanes bombarded the capital, Tripoli, in the heaviest attack yet by the allied forces.

The attacks, which started late Tuesday and continued into Wednesday morning, targeted Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound. Rebels reportedly also fired rockets towards the compound, which houses several military installations and serves as Gaddafi’s main base. Gaddafi’s government claimed that the recent attacks killed at least 31 people. “How could the world sleep tonight knowing that armies of such evil are willingly and knowingly attacking a peaceful capital with 60 rockets and killing people,” government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said.