Gate Crashers in Obama’s First State Dinner

Investigations are underway on how come two uninvited guests aspiring to become reality show stars were able to attend President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama‘s first state dinner for India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The gatecrasher couple was able to penetrate and pass through layers of security without invitation. They later posted their pictures at the dinner in their Facebook account.obama-state-dinner-gatecrashers

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who may have possible roles in the upcoming The Real Housewives of Washington, are known polo-playing socialites recently featured in a family feud regarding a Fauquier County winery. They were not invited, not included in the official guest list and were never seated in a table at the South Lawn test were the dinner was served.

The couple arrived at the middle of the event, was announced by a marine upon entry and went their way through photographers and reporters and posed for pictures with several guests.

Later, they posted these pictures in their Facebook account. They have posed alongside many well-known personalities topped by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Vice President Joe Biden.