Girl Admits Fabricating Rape Story

A 15-year-old girl from Richmond, California who claimed she was kidnapped and gang raped has recanted her story. She admitted that she have only made the story because she was already late going home.

The police will not arrest the girl for making up the story noting that her latest statement will simply shift the investigation to the new story. It was decided to confirm if the second story was true and that the girl was never really sexually harassed.richmond, ca

A full-scale investigation was conducted after the girl claimed last Friday, January 15, that she was attacked by four men – one with a neck money tattoo, who were using a black Buick. She said she was abducted at gun point. All agencies were alerted and detective worked overtime.

The “victim” admitted that she was with someone consensually during the time that she was supposedly abducted and raped.

The response was intense after the rape of a 16-year-old from the high school where the girl attends to hit national headlines last October.

Residents were not happy with a new rape case in the area but more are not even happier for tax money wasted on such false stories. The police department said that they never assume that a victim is lying especially for cases like rape and sexual assaults.