‘Glee’ Set to Conquer Wii

glee-logoAre you a Gleek? Can’t get enough of the popular hit show? Well then you’re in luck. You can now sing along with your favorite cast as Konami and Twentieth Century Fox have announced the fall release of Karaoke Revolution Glee.

The game will feature around 35 songs. The modes include a quick game, a career-like option which will let one follow one particular character and yes, it also comes with a multiplayer mode – two people can sing as a duet which comes with harmonizing options.

The player will interact with the music, characters and performances from Glee’s first season. An unlockable content will include video clips from the show.

“This partnership reflects our on-going strategy to develop Glee as a long-term brand at retail,” said Senior Vice President for Fox Products Gary Rosenfeld regarding the product partnership with Konami.

The upcoming game however is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii console.