Google and Facebook Develop Own URL Shorteners


Since the early URL shortening services were successfully implemented several years ago, more of the same have sprouted like mushrooms. Ever heard of Or Zootit? How about No? It’s OK. Chances are you’re better off not knowing these obscure URL shorteners anyway when you can be perfectly fine with the more popular ones, like the Twitter default,, the fairly self-explanatory tool, TinyURL, and the one with arguably the best name for its kind, the open-source

With countless URL shorteners available on the Web today, you’d think developing another one isn’t a very feasible idea. Well, Google and Facebook apparently think otherwise. As it turned out, the two Internet giants have been developing their proprietary URL shorteners, and they recently released their respective services to the public, albeit with limited functionality.

Google’s URL shortening service,, is currently accessible from the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. Unfortunately, you can’t use it as yet to directly shrink URLs, but Google assures that if the service turns out to be successful, will be available as a stand-alone service.

Facebook, on the other hand, is working on their service called As it stands, the utility serves as a shortener for long URLs for various places within the Facebook platform, such as a photo album or a Facebook page, and it is apparently not a viable substitute for your current URL shortener of choice, which lets you trim long links, whether they’re from Facebook or elsewhere on the Web.

With the addition of two more URL shorteners, from two of the biggest Internet companies no less, users are given more options in sharing links on the Web. I just hope that Google and Facebook’s venture into this arena, which is currently being ruled by, will pave the way for more competitive and feature-rich URL shortening services from developers, big or small.

[photo via Hongkiat]