Google Music goes live, letting users share songs via G+

Google Music

Google Music, the search giant’s Android-based online music store, is now available to all users in the United States. The new service features millions of tracks from EMI, Sony Music and Universal but will not have music from Warner.

It’s somehow similar to that of the iTunes, but Google will allow musicians to create their own profiles and upload and sell music through the store, with the search giant taking a 30 per cent commission. Another perk of Google Music is the ability to share songs bought at the Android music shop with circles on Google+, and those people will in turn be able to listen to those tunes in their entirety, for one-time.

Songs range in price from 69 cents to $1.29 but Google is also offering one free track for consumers to download every day to help jump-start the venture.

The California-based company in May began offering movies for rent in the Android Market, with prices starting at $1.99 to stream movies to an Android smartphone or tablet.

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