Google Receives Nexus One Complaints

Fresh from its launch last Tuesday, Google is already receiving complaints regarding its phone – theĀ Nexus One. Nexus-one-face

Many users are not satisfied with the way Google is handling customer care for their smartphone. The company only answers inquiries via email and the response would take from 1 to 2 days. Users are demanding that the company set up a phone-based support. Many believe that for shelling out more than $500, the search giant should have a fast help desk.

The 3G network access of the phone is also having difficulties, and the handset would simply stop during the 3G connection. For those that has T-mobile subscription, the phone would revert to the slower 2G Edge network.

HTC, the developers of Nexus One, is not yet blaming the phone for the current setback and is treating T-mobile network as an equal suspect for the connectivity problem.

Other complaints include contacts not synchronizing and the device not working with current Google accounts.