Google Sidewiki: An Upgraded Commenting System

google sidewiki

Today, most websites have commenting systems where a browser/user can leave comments and insights about the topic that is being discussed. This usually can be seen at the bottom of the page and is sorted by who commented first or who commented last. These comments usually add value to the post and is of equal importance as the original content itself (barring spam).

Now Google is upping everyone else again by introducing their latest of their multitude of lab products, the Google Sidewiki. In my opinion, the Google Sidewiki is an upgraded commenting system that brings the web into a whole new level. Unlike the normal commenting system however, Sidewiki is on the side and comments are sorted by relevance.

Not only that, comments from other sites and blog posts related to the content can appear on the Sidewiki making the internet a whole lot more interconnected.

See video below to get to know more about Google Sidewiki: