Grand Canyon Skywalk: Is it worth the trip?


Wondering why the Grand Canyon Skywalk— that U-shaped structure that shoots out over a rim of the steep-sided gorge—is surging in Google Trends? Apparently we have the answer.

According to, questions are now being raised about the management of the tourist attraction— especially after the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation board of directors indicated to the Hualapai Tribal Council that it was considering a plan to borrow more than $20 million.

You can read the full story here.

It has always been my dream to visit the Grand Canyon and stroll out onto the new Skywalk—the glass bridge that is suspended out over the cliffs so people can look down under their feet and see the depths of the majestic Grand Canyon below them. This architectural marvel was built to safely handle 100 visitors at a time.


But is it worth the trip? Travel On The Dollar has a list on why you should avoid the Grand Canyon Skywalk.