“Green Hornet” Buzzes Way to Box-Office Supremacy

Panned by critics but loved by fans, that in a nutshell seems to describe the fate of “The Green Hornet” after the superhero film starring Seth Rogen in the titular role debuted at the top of the North American box office.

“Green Hornet” stung the box-office competition with an estimated $34-million gross from Friday to Sunday. Columbia Pictures, which released the Michel Gondry directed comic-adaptation, said exit polls were encouraging. “I think audiences are absolutely the best critics,” said Columbia president for worldwide distribution Rory Bruer as he shrugged off the mostly negative critical response to “Green Hornet.”

Ron Howard’s drama-comedy “The Dilemma” had an average opening weekend gross with $17.4 million, an estimate that was well within Universal Pictures’ expectations, Reuters said in a report. “The Dilemma” became controversial last year after a line in its trailer was criticized for being insensitive and offensive to gays. The controversial line, where star Vince Vaughn calls an electric car “gay,” was eventually deleted in the trailer but Howard decided to keep it in the full film.

The top ten movies in North America according to Hollywood.com

Movie               Weekend                 Total

1              The Green Hornet (PG-13)          $34.0 M               $34.0 M

2              The Dilemma (PG-13)                 $17.4 M               $17.4 M

3             True Grit (PG-13)                        $11.2 M               $126.4 M

4              The King’s Speech (R)                  $9.1 M                 $44.6 M

5              Black Swan (R)                             $8.1 M                 $73.0 M

6              Little Fockers (PG-13)                  $7.1 M                 $134.2 M

7              Tron: Legacy (PG)                         $5.7 M                 $156.9 M

8              Yogi Bear (PG)                              $5.3 M                 $82.1 M

9              The Fighter (R)                             $5.1 M                 $65.8 M

10           Season of the Witch (PG-13)       $4.5 M                 $18.0 M