Grigory Perelman, Russian math genius, says no to $1 million prize (video)

Grigory Perelman Math Genius

Grigory Perelman is probably the world’s smartest man. He is a former researcher at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics in Russia and has solved the Poincare Conjecture, one of the most intractable mathematical problems ever conceived.

However, the 44-year-old math genius has turned down a $1million prize from the Clay Mathematics Institute, because according to him, he is not interested in money or fame.

Perelman, dubbed “Mathsputin” because of his resemblance to Rasputin, currently lives with his mother and sister in a small apartment in St. Petersburg. Neighbors say he spends his days inside the flat playing table tennis against a wall.

Check out this report from RT News:

Is this Russian mathematician stupid or what? What do you think?