Hawaii Tsunami Evacuation Zones: Tsunami Warning for Hawaii in Effect

hawaii tsunami evacuation zones - tsunami warning for hawaiiTsunami Warning for Hawaii: The people of Hawaii have started their evacuation for the approaching tsunami. The Pacific Tsunami Center has issued a tsunami warning for the State of Hawaii due to an 8.8 magnitude strength earthquake that rocked Chile early Saturday affecting the entire Pacific region.

Hawaii tsunami evacuations zones include all the coastal areas. Hawaii officials have urged all people living near shores to move to higher ground.

Oahu Emergency Management Department spokesman said “If you live anywhere in the evacuation zone, you have to evacuate … This is a serious event. We’re going to treat this as a destructive-type tsunami.”

Waves as high as 6 to 10 feet is expected to hit Hawaii at 11:20 a.m local time (4:20 p.m ET).

Video: Tsunami warning in effect for Hawaii

UPDATE: The tsunami warning that was raised in Hawaii due to Chile’s 8.8-magnitude earthquake earlier had been lifted.