High winds fan wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma (Video)


High winds and dry conditions fueled wildfires across Texas and Oklahoma on Thursday, destroying homes and forcing several cities and schools to evacuate.

No serious injuries had been reported in either state as firefighters and some worried homeowners used tractors, bulldozers and hoses to try to stop the blaze.

Feeding the flames were strong winds that were gusting as high as 76 mph, the strength of a Category 1 hurricane, and grounding aircraft that can’t fly safely in those conditions, CNN reported.

More than 93 percent of Texas was in some stage of drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor map released Thursday.

In the Wedgwood area of west Fort Worth, the smoke was so thick on the trees that it looked like morning dew and fog. A small grass fire was reported in Rockwood Park northwest of downtown.

According to KSBI News, about 100 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged in Midwest City. Residents have been asked to evacuate to the Midwest Community Center.

In Callahan County, officials ordered students at an intermediate school and a high school in Clyde to evacuate, a sheriff’s department dispatcher said.

The weather service warned people to not “toss lit cigarette butts outside,” avoid outside burning and to immediately report wild fires to the nearest fire department or police.

Watch video of wildfires in Bowie, Texas below: