Hilton Denied Entry in Japan

Paris HiltonThe reputation is tailing her even outside the United States.

Paris Hilton, 29, who was sentenced to one-year probation by a Las Vegas court for cocaine possession, was denied entry in Japan after immigration officials can’t decide on whether to allow her entry or not.

“She was questioned by a Tokyo customs officer for many hours to determine whether they should allow her to enter Japan as they can reject people convicted by drug cases to enter our country,” as reportedly said by a source.

Hilton was asked to stay overnight at an airport hotel while she wait for the immigration decision.

She went to the country for a press conference to promote her fashion range. The business trip was scheduled many months before and had continued on with the tour despite her recent arrest because she was contractually bound to do so. It was also said that she did not want to disappoint her Asian fans.

Her next destinations are Indonesia and Malaysia.