Honda’s wearable walking aid

Honda developed yet another robotic device, a “walking assist device” that can help humans to…WALK!

The device looks like a bicycle seat connected by mechanical frames to a pair of shoes. It was unveiled on Friday and designed to generally support the regular body weight, reduce knee stress when getting up from crouching positions. The device reduces stress and should make you feel less tired.

The new walking assist device with the bodyweight support system reduces the load on leg muscles and joints (in the hip, knees, and ankles) by supporting a portion of the person’s bodyweight. The device has a simple structure consisting of seat, frame, and shoes, and the user can put it on by simply wearing the shoes and lifting the seat into position. Moreover, a mechanism that directs the assisting force toward the user’s center of gravity and the ability to control the assist force in concert with the movement of the legs – both unique Honda innovations – make it possible for the device to provide natural assistance in various postures and motions. via JCN Network

The hi-tech device was engineered by Honda’s Jun Ashihara. He said that he envisions it as a device for factory workers and people who use to stand a lot. “This should be as easy to use as a bicycle,” Ashibara said.
Honda is still undecided about the pricing and commercial product plans. They will begin testing a prototype with its assembly line workers later this month for feedback.


Weight – 6.5kg (including shoes and batteries)
Drive system – Motor X 2
Battery pack – Lithium ion battery
Operating time (per charge) – 2 hours
The device was designed for people who are still capable of walking, but would you like to wear it? Can you stand the feeling of the device pushing your crotch (for male) for a long period of time?