Honduran Congress Rejects Zelaya Reinstatement

After six hours of heated debate, the Congress of Honduras rejected the proposition of reinstating ousted president Manuel Zelaya that has bring the nation into a five-month constitutional crisis.zelaya-rejected-by-honduras-congress

Congress narrowly reaffirmed a Supreme Court decision removing Zelaya from office last June 2009. The vote counted 65 out of 126 after an intense debate over the matter.

The call came after some Latin American nations vowed not to restore ties with Honduras unless Zelaya is reinstated. They fear that his removal will set precedence over other nations.

Zelaya’s term was supposed to end next month. He lost the general elections set by the interim government of Roberto Micheletti and was defeated by Porfirio Lobo.  Zelaya refused to adhere to the results and called for the scrapping of the elections claiming at the same time that restoring him will be the right order for a democratic country.

Just like the results of the elections, Zelaya refused to recognize the Congress vote. He said, “As far as I know, the Congress does not have the capacity to make this decision.”