Hotel Employs Snore Patrols, Builds Snore Absorption Rooms

There is good news for anyone who has ever been kept up all night by a snoring roommate or next door neighbor at hotels.

The Crowne Plaza chain of hotels has started a new program that it hopes can appease agitated guests who complain of loud snoring from other rooms. Several Crowne hotels in the United Kingdom are now employing “snore patrols” or “snore monitors” to ensure that guests can have good night sleeps. The snore monitors are tasked to keep the noise down at designated “quiet zones,” where guests who have a hard time sleeping or are light sleepers can ask to get a room. The monitors are allowed to knock on the door of snorers and wake the snoring guests up.

In addition, Crowne Plaza has also built “snore absorption” rooms, which are equipped with the latest anti-snoring technology. The room is fitted with sound-proofed walls and headboards, as well as anti-snoring pillows. “There’s nothing worse than being kept up all night, that’s why we’ve designed this specific snore absorption room to help give our guests a great night’s sleep,” Crowne Plaza Tom Rowntree said, according to Reuters.