How Can Technology Advances Help When Learning to Drive?

drivingNew technology has changed the auto industry alongside just about every other aspect of our economy. One thing that has seen significant improvement is the way in which people learn to drive. Learning today is a lot different to what it once was. Not only do you have new technology to factor in, but the actual things covered in lessons is also different. So how exactly can technology help when you’re learning to drive?

Driving simulators – potentially saving lives
Across the US driving simulators are helping to revolutionise the learning experience. Letting students actually experience driving without any of the risks, it teaches them how to handle varying driving conditions and allows them to replay scenarios over and over until they figure out the right responses. The Verge published an inspirational article about how driving simulators have helped learners and how some feel they have even save their lives.

Smartphone apps – a big hit with consumers
A number of apps have been released to make learning to drive that little bit easier. Most recently the miDrive app has grown to be one of the most successful and useful apps for learners. As featured by the Daily Star, this great app provides useful informational tips on everything from how to change gears smoothly to how to deal with those annoying test drive nerves. It also features GPS tracking which keeps a record of the progress made in each lesson. This allows you to look back and see how you did and what you could improve upon.

Online theory tests
The internet has provided a massive range of resources for learner drivers. You can even find free online mock theory tests. These enable you to see the kinds of questions you will be faced with. Helping you to revise and establish whether you are ready for the main test, these are an excellent tool to take advantage of and are a way in which technology has cut some of the cost learners used to have to bear.

How car modernisation has affected learners
It isn’t just the tests that have changed over time. Vehicle enhancements have also had an impact on learners. A lot of modern cars come with an auto handbrake, ABS and stop start technology. All mod cons that have enhanced the driving experience.

In order to ensure learners are properly equipped to make the most of advancements in technology, instructors also need to make sure they cover modern features. As the move towards driverless technology continues these changes will need to be built in Overall advancements in technology have definitely had a positive effect on the driving sector. However, more does currently need to be done in order to make sure learners are comfortable and well-versed in how to control the new modifications. It seems advancements have mainly helped with driving theory. Now more practical improvements need to be made to ensure these technological advancements are also used to their full potential.