How to Break a World Record Using a Laundry Basket

AA balloon

What can you do with a laundry basket after finishing your laundry? You can break a world record of course! That is what exactly British explorer David Hempleman-Adams did. He broke two world records by spending more than 14 hours in a capsule the size of a laundry basket set high afloat by a tiny hot air balloon over the United States. He flew more than 200 miles from Butler, Missouri, over maize fields to Cherokee, Oklahoma.

What world record did he break you might ask. Well, he actually broke 2 at once. He broke the AA-01 class balloon world record which stood at around 8 hours and the AA-02 class balloon world record as well. For those not knowing what an AA class balloon is, it simply a balloon without an airborne heater (you know the burner you often see in movies which spew out fire…).

The flight is not without danger though.

‘You can hear them beneath you and they are just dangerous,’ he said, referring to wind turbines and radio masts spread across the Midwestern US.