Hundreds of Cable Channels and Nothing to Watch? Think Again..

We’re in the golden age of TV entertainment. No, really! We’ve got huge shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. We’ve seen the torch handed over in the late night circuit. Even our commercials are becoming entertaining.

We have access to decades of content through on-demand-services, too. The old problem of “too many channels, not enough to watch” is over, thanks to countless websites and social commentary that has curated the best-of-the-best.

Plus, TV bundles have become so cheap that they’re really not worth cutting if you’re trying to save money. You’re saving a few bucks but missing out on tons of entertainment… not worth it.

Here’s how to watch your favorite shows without downsizing to smaller packages. And, some of the smart ways to find good entertainment that should be on your radar.

Going All Out with Entertainment Options

It’s kind of funny…

Over-the-air channels and cable packages are making a big comeback due to competition from the big, streaming services. The telecoms felt the pressure from cord-cutting; it got them to change their format and offer better value.

Mainly through the addition of:

  • DVR set-top boxes
  • On-demand services
  • Packaged premium channels

It doesn’t help when big companies, like Disney, pulls out of Netflix to start their own service. Leaving the streaming service with fewer options and splintering the streaming industry, as a whole.

There’s also a resurgence and allure of local programming. Most people get their news through local broadcasts. Live sports have yet to make a large impact through streaming. So, people are holding onto their traditional TV packages.

One could browse the DIRECTV Channel Numbers and find any number of regional sports and special events not found on streaming services.

Another benefit of reinstalling the cord: staying attuned to the latest, breaking news in your area.


We like our choice, though, so a proper setup in today’s economy would entail:

  • DirectTV, Comcast, or AT&T for local
  • Netflix and Hulu for streaming
  • Redbox and FamilyVideo for physical

Add the plethora of Internet TV, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook live, PlayStation Vue, or SlingTV, and you’ve got more entertainment than you’ll ever need.

But, that brings us to the one problem… what to watch when there are so many options.

Trouble Finding Something to Watch? Try these Curation Channels

We’re way past the age where you had three options for TV stations. Today, you can find stations dedicated to the strangest, coolest, obscure topics. There’s something for everyone.

Although, this makes it difficult to choose what to watch. There’s almost too much choice.

Curation is the solution to this non-problem we have with finding good entertainment.

Try one of these to sort through the best-of-the-best:

  • Metacritic
  • Letterboxd
  • IMDB
  • InstantWatcher
  • Decider

Otherwise, you could turn to the online community to help get your entertainment fix, via:

  • Reddit’s /r/television
  • AVForums
  • io

Or, you could always ask your friends and family what they’re watching on Facebook! Everyone has their favorites and with all the options? You’ll never run out of great things to watch.

Save a Few Bucks? Find Other Things to Cut

If there’s one thing we love — it’s a good TV show or movie. It’s escapism at its finest. Something we desperately need at times.

You could go ahead and cut the cord. Replace it with a handful of streaming services. But, end up paying as much now that the industry is so splintered.


Take advantage of the awesome deals they’ve got going for traditional cable and on-demand. The decision is pretty clear, wouldn’t you agree?