Indiana woman, 68, considers 24th marriage


She was born Linda Lou Taylor, but the 68-year-old woman from Indiana has had many names over the past five decades. That’s because she’s been married 23 times, more than any woman in history, more than any person alive.

She has been Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Massie and Mrs. McMillan to name a few.

Linda, who now goes by the surname Wolfe, first married in 1957. She was 16-years-old and she was in-love. Her last marriage was in 1996, as a publicity stunt to a man who had been married 28 times before.

Wolfe ended up with seven children, born to her first three husbands.

“They don’t come around me,” Wolfe said of her brood. “They’ve got their own lives to live,” she told the Indianapolis Star.

She has been married to a convict, a preacher, a musician, electricians and bartenders. Two of her husbands were gay. Two were homeless. A few stepped out on her.

And now, she is alone.

“I’m left with nothing, except a few old newspaper articles and some photos,” she said. “I got a dollar and 33 cents to my name.”

Wolfe, who has been single for 12 years, said she would definitely get married again.

“Because, you know, it gets lonely,” she told the newspaper.

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