Is this the world’s only bald gorilla?


Gorillas are meant to be a mass of bushy black hair. But Kadogo, who lives with a family of mountain gorillas in Congo, was born without hair on his head.

Rangers at the Virunga National Park have been unable to find the reason for his bald patch but it has attracted attention from around the globe.

His name, which means “very small” in Swahili, was given by park rangers when he was born, as he had been so severely undersized.

According to Innocent Buranumwa, “Kadogo is very calm and constantly curious. When I see him he always sits down, folds his arms to rest his chin on his hands, and keeps an eye on me. I never know why he does this.”

Gorillas are the largest of the living primates and their DNA is 98-99 percent identical to that of a human.

[via National Geographic]