Israel Bans iPad over Wi-Fi Configuration

The State of Israel passed a new law this week banning the entry of Apple’s latest prized gadget, the iPad, inside the country. The reason is that it has a wi-fi configuration that follows the US standard.250px-IPad-02

“This device’s wireless strengths violate Israeli law and will overpower other wireless devices in Israel,” said Yechiel Shavi, a military spokesman.

He further stressed that the ban will only be lifted once Apple releases a new version that complies with the European standard which allows weaker signals in comparison to the United States counterpart.

The decision is making people wonder what the real score is as many computers and laptops with US standard compliance enter the country without difficulty. Phones such as Blackberry and Apple’s very own iPhone, which has the same radio receiver and transmitter as that of the iPad, also enter the country without problems.

Some analysts believe that the real issue may be because of the belief that American standard compliant gadgets can interfere with the military communications technology of Israel.