Israeli Govt Under Pressure as Forest Fire Continues

Carmel_FireA deadly forest fire in Israel’s northern region went on for a fourth-straight day on Sunday, raising the death toll from the tragedy to 41 while calls for resignation of several top officials became stronger.

International help has started to arrive in Israel as local firefighters struggled to contain the fire that has devastated Mount Carmel forest near the city of Haifa since December 2. The government’s failure to contain the fire has put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, with some critics and officials demanding that Interior Minister Eli Yishai step down from his post because of the forest fire, the deadliest in the country’s history. The Israel firefighters are under Yishai’s supervision as head of Interior Ministry.

A police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, said firefighters have made some progress in trying to control the blaze, adding that they have “begun to take control of the main fires.” More than a dozen nations have sent help in order to end the forest fire, which was allegedly started by two teenagers who failed to properly extinguish a camp fire.