Italy Cracks Down on Calabria Mafia

Italian police have carried out their most extensive operation yet against one of the country’s top criminal organizations, arresting more than 300 people in a series of raids that also netted a man considered to be a mafia boss.

Police said Demenico Oppedisano, known as the boss of the Calabria-based ‘Ndrangheta mafia, was one of those who were arrested. Oppedisano, 80, was arrested in a small town along the Calabria coastal areas. A majority of those arrested face various charges that range from murder to money laundering. Also arrested was the group’s alleged leader in Milan, as well as some local government officials, businessmen, and even public health officials.

Authorities also confiscated weapons and millions of dollars worth of cash and property in the raids, which Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said “was the most important operation against the ‘Ndranghera in recent years.” Police said the ‘Ndrangheta mafia is connected to some mobs in Australia and Canada. However, no arrests in those two areas have yet to take place.