iTunes To Feature Live Concerts Downloads

Last Tuesday, November 24, iTunes began the feature of allowing users to download live concerts from about 20 artists promoted by Live Nation.livetunes-itunes

Live Nation is expecting to increase the number of live concerts to offer in the coming months. It promotes about 20,000 concerts each year. Currently, videos from concerts of Jesse McCartney, OK Go, Hillary Duff, Plain White T’s, Duffy and Ziggy Marley are available, but not limited to them. Live Nation already reached licensing agreements for live performances to various major label owners and artists to make sure that the new feature will have smooth sailing.

Prices will begin at $7.99. It was stated that some exclusive contents will be included from the video downloads.

This new feature is considered as a new breakthrough in live digital music, which is hampered by complicated rights issues. Selling of live music requires sign-off from the artist, the label, the publishers, the managers, the songwriters, the venue where it was recorded and the promoters.