JaMarcus Russell busted for ‘codeine syrup’

It looks like the former #1 overall pick back in 2007 is no longer in the radar due to his latest shenanigan.

JaMarcus Russell, the ex-Oakland Raiders player, got arrested for possession of a painkiller known as the codeine syrup. This painkiller is a controlled substance and JaMarcus is reportedly devoid of any prescription during the time of his arrest.

Codeine is usually mixed with soda to create a concoction called “Purple Drank.”

After his arrest in his home in Alabama, he posted a bail of $2,500 and was scheduled for court on July 20.

The NYDailyNews.com labelled JaMarcus as a career underachiever, with only seven of his 25 career starts with a career passer rating of 65.2.  Predictably, the interest of NFL Sports teams in JaMarcus has declined due to his latest drug bust.

According to USA Today, the drug bust was all part of an undercover investigation.