“James Bond” Composer John Barry Dies

John Barry, the composer credited for arranging the theme of 11 “James Bond” films, has passed away in New York, according to BBC. He was 77.

Barry, who was born in the English city of York, became famous for his work on several “James Bond” films, including “Goldfinger” and “You Only Live Twice,” although the original theme for the 007 films is usually credited to Monty Norman. Aside from his work on the James Bond films, Barry was also known for his five Oscar wins. The longtime composer won awards for “Born Free” (Best Original Song and Original Music), “The Lion in Winter” (Best Original Music Score for a Motion Picture), “Out of Africa” (Best Original Score), and “Dances with Wolves” (Best Original Score).

Barry, who was born John Barry Prendergast, also founded the jazz group John Barry Seven in 1957. The John Barry Seven produced several jazz hits, including “What Do You Want?”

Barry is survived by his fourth wife, Laurie, four children, and five grandchildren.