Japan unveils ‘robocop’

The Japanese has unveiled a security robot equipped with heat sensors to detect burglars and armed with a net to capture them.

japan unveils robocop

Developed by robot maker Tmsuk Co. and security firm Alacom, the prototype T-34 moves on four wheels at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

This “robocop” is guided by a controller who sees real-time images of its location through video link to a security center or even a mobile phone.

“We have basically designed the robot for corporate use and we expect private security companies to buy them instead of using human guards, but there will also be those tailored for use in homes,” company spokeswoman Mariko Ishikawa said.

Tmsuk believes the android could be on the market in a couple of years and will cost up to Y800,000 ($9,000)

(Via Telegraph)