Javier Bardem to star in ‘Glee’

It looks like Glee‘s formula of casting famous singers and musicians will continue as another Academy Award winner will be added to the mix.

Reports about Javier Bardem to star in the upcoming episode of Glee has been confirmed.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy fell into the idea after Javier, who is apparently a very big fan of the show, introduced the idea of his character befriending Artie (played by Kevin McHale).

Bardem is a sexy Spanish actor who has garnered a string of awards which include an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Prize for Best Actor in Cannes.

Other stars pegged to also give an appearance on the hit TV series include John Stamos, who is said to play as a dentist and a love interest for the perky and neurotic guidance counselor Emma. Another expected star is the well-loved Susan Boyle who is said to take on the role as a lunch lady.