TIME: Jay Leno Is The Future of TV


Jay Leno takes the latest cover of TIME (on newsstands today), which blazes the headline: “Jay Leno Is the Future of Television. Seriously!”

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During the interview, the 59-year-old TV host gives some insight on his love of television, saying: “We don’t gather anymore. It’s the difference between standing outside a comedy club and looking through the window and standing on the other side of the wall in the room. The experience is a hundred times better when you’re in the room because you’re part of a communal thing with other people. And that’s what TV is to me, a gathering place.”

He was also asked about the likelihood that his new hour-long comedy variety show, The Jay Leno Show (which premiers on Monday, Sept. 14) will be the last TV show he does.

Jay admits: “I have no idea. I’d like it to be… Probably. I mean, I’m 59. I’m glad I’m in a young man’s game and competing, and that’s all good. I don’t like trying to act younger than I am. You just do what you do, and hopefully people will like it.”