Jedi school for kids opens in Chile

The Jedi Temple

A “Star Wars” school has opened in Quilpue, Chile teaching children between 6 and 12 years old the way of the Jedi, alongside some martial arts and meditation for good measure.

Called “The Jedi Temple”, the school believes it is providing its apprentices something worthwhile along with the fun and enjoyment of living a dream. There are currently 20 kids enrolled at the institution and exact replica lightsabers are provided for training. Registration costs $10, with monthly fees of about $36.

Here’s an excerpt from the story on Fox News Latino:

The idea for “The Jedi Temple” was borne out of a visit to Chile by Star Wars: The Exhibition in March of 2009. It was the first time a display of props from the entire Star Wars series was made available for public viewing in Chile.

But not everyone is happy about the way of the Jedi being taught to precocious youngsters.

“You guys are completely and utterly stupid,” a commentor named Sebastián wrote on the school’s website. “What are you thinking making a school for Jedis? Do you have something wrong with your heads?”

Thoughts? Would you send your children to this institution?