Jesse James: Another Tiger Woods in the Making?


Jesse James, the husband of popular and award-winning actress Sandra Bullock, is being haunted by a second mistress.

After the revelation that he had an affair with Michelle McGee, another one claims that she also had steamy times with James. The new woman is Melissa Smith who is also covered with tattoos. She stated that she and James had unprotected sex in his office and that the affair lasted for two years – during the marriage with Bullock.

Janine Lindemulder, a former wife of James and a former porn star, said that the motorcycle company CEO has always been a cheater.

Bullock has not beenĀ  seen through the media ever since the affair broke. She even cancelled appearances in two overseas premieres of her movie The Blind Side which brought her various awards this season including the Golden Globes , the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Oscars.

James was put so much in the limelight since Bullock kept on declaring how much she loves him through all the acceptance speeches she made when she collected her trophies.