Jesse James Reveals Reasons for Rehab Stint

Jesse James, now known as Sandra Bullock‘s philandering ex-husband, has admitted for the first time that he entered rehab for a month after news about his infidelity came out. In a “Nightline” interview, James said he received treatment for sex addiction and anger management. However, he reveals that the main reason for his rehab stint was to undergo treatment for being a child abuse victim.

James said he was petrified of his father when he was a young boy. “He beat my ass pretty good a bunch of times…I just remember, like, clinched teeth, strained-neck look on his face,” he said, adding, “It wasn’t so much getting the shit beat out of me…It was the in-between time. It was the fear of that happening again.”

He also blamed his inner demons for becoming a serial cheater. James admitted that he cheated on Academy Award-winner Bullock with many women, mainly because of his lack of self-worth. “I’ve basically never felt good enough for anyone,” he said.

James’ infidelity became public after tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee admitted to having an affair with the “Monster Garage” star and owner of West Coast Choppers while Bullock was filming “The Blind Side.”