Jolie Advises Obama in Newsweek Regarding Sudan

Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie gave some advice to President Barack Obama regarding the situation in Darfur, Sudan on an article published last Thursday, December 10 in (click to read full article).angenlina-jolie-goodwill-ambassador

The actress strongly believes in the intention of the president to engage diplomatically, even to forces that people really hate and to the intention of bringing peace to the region. What she is having problems with is the way the policies implemented will bring those beliefs to reality. She is also hoping that the realization of those ideas will come at the earliest possible time and in the most forceful means possible, even citing that the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to abstain veto votes for issues regarding mass atrocities and that the Unites States to be clear that it will act on its own if necessary.

Jolie is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Goodwill Ambassador since 2001. She contributed the article titled Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied on the day the world is observing Human’s Rights Day which happens to be the day that President Obama¬†received his Nobel Peace Prize.