Jon Gives Daughter A Misspelled Cake

jon-cakeJon Gosselin brought his daughter a birthday cake that read, “Happy Birthday Maddy”. The problem is, Her name is spelled “Mady.”

Ann Warren says the cake was ordered over the telephone by an entertainment show, but she couldn’t remember the name, only that it was “Entertainment something” she said. I’m guessing its “Entertainment Tonight“. Right?

Anyway,  it seems like Mady and Cara Gosselin’s 9th birthday, twins of Jon Gosselin, didn’t turn into all-out battle after all.

Jon Gosselin saw his twins Mady and Cara for their 9th birthdays at their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home on Thursday, with estranged wife Kate, without having to cut short the visit as he had originally feared.

We kept it cordial for the kids,” he told during a break in the visit.

Jon Gosselin picked up the kids from the bus stop after school earlier in the day, but said he wasn’t staying in town the night. “I’m staying until the kids go to bed”,  finding a rare break in the animosity with Kate.