Journalists can ‘tweet’ from court, judge says


Did you ever imagine Twitter would find a home in a courtroom?

According to a report, a U.S. federal judge has approved the use of the microblogging service Twitter to provide updates from a trial in a landmark ruling for the American legal system.

Judge J. Thomas Marten of the U.S. District Court in Wichita, Kansas has decided to allow Ron Sylvester, a reporter for the Wichita Eagle, to give the public some updates on a racketeering gang trial that is taking place in his courtroom earlier this week.

Although a couple of lawyers showed concern about the use of the site during the trial, Marten reminded them that jurors were always asked to avoid media coverage of cases in any form.

In the U.S., federal judges are becoming ever more receptive to live courtroom media coverage using emerging technologies. Such coverage from journalists reporting from trials in state courts is already common.