Louisiana judge defends denied interracial marriage (video)


Keith Bardwell, an elected judge in eastern Louisiana, caused a national controversy when he denied a marriage license to an interracial couple. But Bardwell still believes he did the right thing and maintains he is not racist.

The 56-year-old justice of the peace refused to issue a permit to Terence McKay, who is African-American, and his white bride-to-be, Beth Humphrey, in early October. The couple was later married by another judge.

On Monday, Bardwell was interviewed on the “Early Show” and tried to explain his actions. He said he refused to issue a permit to the couple out of concern for any children they might have.

Despite the public uproar and a call by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for him to lose his license, Bardwell said he has no regrets, claiming that he was just worried about an interracial couple’s future kids and the adversities they would face.