Judge Says Singer Prince Should Pay $4M

A New York Court has found enough grounds to make award-winning singer/composer Prince  pay nearly $4 million over a perfume deal gone awry.

A New York judge said that Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc. deserves to be compensated $3.95 million by 53-year-old Prince Rogers Nelson, who is better known as Prince. The recommended amount stemmed from a complaint filed by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics against the “Purple Rain” singer. According to the perfume company, it acquired back in 2006 the license to use Prince’s name, likeness, and album title “3121” for a new fragrance.

The company said that as part of the deal, Prince would help promote the scent. However, the artist reportedly reneged on the promise after the scent was officially launched in 2007. A lawyer for Prince said the singer would try to prevent the confirmation of the monetary award. Another judge must concur with the decision to compel Prince to fork out the money.