‘Karate Kid’ victorious at the box office

The weekend box office turned out to be like a David and Goliath match up. As it was, the Karate Kid emerged victorious over the lethal combination of the A-team. Indeed, pity the fool who thought that A-team can claim the box office top spot.

During a time of spin-offs, remakes, and the popularization of the 80’s pop culture, movie audiences are treated to a nostalgic trip back to iconic figures of childhood memory. ┬áKarate Kid, which by the way surpassed industry expectations of 27 to 35 million dollars in the opening weekend, resulted to a surprising amount of 56 million dollars. This just goes to show that the Karate Kid franchise can still deliver a killer punch.

This amount is very considerable since its predecessors in the 2010 summer box office arena, such as Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, did not quite meet industry expectations.

A-team may be second best, but it, however did not stop from making a dent of 26 million dollars. On third place is Shrek: Forever After which posted 15.8 million dollars. Get him to the Greek and Killers gave a modest 10.1 million dollars and 8.2 million dollars, respectively.

With the success of the Karate Kid film, star Jaden Smith proved that the box office legacy of his dad Will Smith has been without a doubt passed on. At 11-years of age, young Jaden managed to be at par with the popularity of his dad with films such as ‘I am Legend’ which posted 77.2 million at the opening weekend.