Kiddie Meals with Giveaway Toys Banned

kiddie-meals-toys-2Kiddie meals that are high in fat, sugar and calorie and that are being sold with giveaway toys will be banned in some parts of the Santa Clara County as approved by Board of Supervisors Tuesday, April 27.

The measure was approved with a vote of 3-2.

“This ordinance prevents restaurants from preying on children’s’ love of toys to sell high-calorie, unhealthful toys,” said Supervisor Ken Yeager. “This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes.”

It is a step towards reducing cases of child obesity. One out of four youth in the county is either obese or overweight.

The ban however, will only affect restaurants in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County. An example is San Martin.

Fastfood chains and restaurants were given some sort of reprieve. The measure will only be implemented 90 days from approval so that they can have the opportunity to think in improving children’s meals in terms of nutritional value.