Kirk Douglas: The Oldest Celebrity Blogger

kirk douglas blogger

Kirk Douglas, the father of Michael Douglas has become the oldest celebrity blogger!

The 92-year-old is MySpace blogging!

In the movies, Douglas has established a tough guy image. He was a major box office star in the 1950s and 60s, playing opposite some of the leading female actors of that era including Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck, Doris Day, Jeanne Crain, Rhonda Fleming, Janet Leigh, and Jean Simmons.

Douglas is at the twilight of his life right now but he still knows that the internet is a place for interesting discussions. He also brings humor to his site.

“I express my opinion, and I tell them that they don’t have to agree with me because it’s a free country. And their answers are very, very interesting,” he told Reuters.

Angie Allgood, director of talent relations at MySpace spoke about the latest celebrity blogger on their network: “All the comments that he gets on his page are so supportive, and people really find him truly inspirational.”

In his profile:

About me: I’m really an actor, but I like writing books because I can play all the parts, men, women, boys, and girls; and no director to criticize me. I work on a scene in my mind, I say “Kirk, that’s terrific!” I write it down.

Who I’d like to meet: Angelina Jolie, when she comes back from Vietnam and if my wife lets me.