Kiss Kicked Out of Planned Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Promoters of a planned October 8 Michael Jackson tribute concert have scratched rock band “Kiss” from the list of performers just a day after it was announced that the face-painting 70s rockers have been booked for the event to be held in Cardiff, Wales.

The move came after protests from Jackson’s estate, fans, and some members of the media due to “Kiss” bassist Gene Simmons previous comments that he believed the late-King of Pop molested children. Some of Simmons’ scathing comments reportedly came shortly after Jackson’s death in 2009. Jackson was accused of child molestation in 1993 but was eventually absolved of any crime in a 2005 jury decision. “There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt,” Simmons was quoted in a 2009 interview with Classic Rock magazine.

Chris Hunt, CEO of Global Events Live, which is promoting the concert, apologized for the “oversight” that they committed when they booked Kiss. “Under the circumstances, we fully agree that even though Kiss is a band Michael admired, we have no choice but to rescind our invitation to them to appear in our tribute concert,” Hunt said in a statement.