WATCH: Koran inscriptions appear on infant’s body


A nine-month-old child born in a small Russian village has left doctors bemused after passages from the Koran allegedly began appearing on his skin.

The parents of Ali Yakubov claim the phenomenon began when the word Allah showed up on their son’s chin when he was a few weeks old. The couple did not tell anyone about this until they saw the inscriptions saying “Show these signs to people.”

The boy was also diagnosed with “second-stage ischemic disease of the heart” and cerebral palsy but, after he allegedly began to show phrases from the Muslim holy book, he was said to have been pronounced completely healthy.

His family also claims the old markings vanish before the new passages arrive and this happens twice a week.

What’s even more interesting is that medical experts deny the condition is a result of someone writing on the child’s skin.

Watch the Russian video report below:

A miracle or a simple hoax? What do you think?