Kourtney Kardashian is ‘Team Edward’

It looks like the Kardashian sisters are on opposite sides after they watched the premiere of the movie Eclipse.

In her twitter account, Kourtney Kardashian declared her support for “Team Edward” (referring to the Twilight saga character Edward Cullen, played by Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson).  Wearing an Alice and Olivia dress, Kourtney dazzled twihards with her three sisters at the black carpet premiere of the movie in L.A.

She tweets: “Movie premiers are always good fun, but this one was unlike anything I had attended before… literally thousands upon thousands of Twihards. The atmosphere was incredible!!”

Kourtney also revealed that her sister Kim, on the other hand, belongs to “Team Jacob.” Of course, this refers to the hunky Twilight character played by Taylor Lautner.

Fans of the Twilight saga will not wait much longer as the movie “Eclipse” will hit the theaters on June 30.