American Idol: Kris Allen sings Apologize, Heartless (video)


There’s just one week until the Idol finale, and on Tuesday night, the three remaining finalists competed for two spots in next week’s much-anticipated sing-off.

Kris Allen‘s first performance of night was a swooning take on OneRepublic’s Apologize chosen for him by Randy and Kara. His second was a jazzy and cool rendition of Kanye West’s Heartless. Great performance. Just Kris and his acoustic guitar.

Comments for Apologize:

Randy: “This is the kind of artist you could be. Nice, very nice.”

Kara: “I think it was a confident performance. I wanted you to make it more your own. Take more chances.”

Paula: “I miss you taking artistic license. There was a bum note there that was loud…but I’m so proud of you.”

Simon: “Kara, you can’t choose a song for him and then blame him for doing the song! It was a competent version of the song…you should have worked out the arrangement…you aren’t holding up your responsibilities”

Comments for Heartless:

Randy: “I like that version best! It was better than the original!”

Kara: “Bold, brave and fearless.”

Paula: “You sang a song about Simon Cowell. Bravo!”

Simon: “I had written you off after the poor song choice after first song, but that has all changed after that performance.”

VIDEO: Kris Allen sings “Apologize” on American Idol

VIDEO: Kris Allen sings “Heartless” on American Idol