KryptoNate defeats SuperDwight in slam-dunk contest


New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson beat defending champion Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic in a thrilling slam-dunk contest in Phoenix.

Clad in an all-green Knicks uniform, the 5-foot-9 Robinson leapt over the 6-foot-11 Howard, who stood in front of the basket as his challenger soared for a dunk.

The green jersey represented Robinson as kryptonite – or KryptoNate – to Howard’s Superman.

Robinson won the contest when he received 52 percent of the fans’ votes from around the globe, who cast ballots via text messages or online at

“It’s all about having fun,” said Howard. “He won fair and square. We tried to put on a good show.”

The two went against each other in the final round after Portland’s Rudy Fernandez and Denver’s J.R. Smith were eliminated.

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers told TNT that he may take part in next year’s competition in Dallas.