L.A. Cops Think Lindsay Lohan Needs Help

Despite her pronouncement that she has no health problems, Lindsay Lohan‘s appearance in the recent months has a lot of people, including members of the Los Angeles Police Department, worrying about her. A report by TMZ said cops who saw Lohan in one of her latest night outs thought about taking in the actress for a 5150, which allows police officers to perform involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

However, the cops reportedly decided not to push through with the 5150, as Lohan appeared like she could still take care of herself. Earlier, some LAPD cops who frequently assist Lohan in getting away from pesky paparazzi said that the actress has been exhibiting “erratic behavior.”

People close to Lohan are also concerned about the 23-year-old actress’ state of mind, with one even saying that the “Mean Girls” star “is going to die if she doesn’t get help soon.” Lohan recently hit the headlines after she fell down while trying to leave a party.