Lacey Brown Booted Out of “American Idol”

Not even a second chance was enough to keep Lacey Brown from being the first “American Idol” finalist to head for the door. Brown received the lowest number of votes among the bottom three after Tuesday’s Rolling Stone-themed performances, where her rendition of “Ruby Tuesday” was voted by judges as among the worst.

Brown, a redhead from Texas, was given another chance on Wednesday after the “judges’ save” was brought back, but her performance of “The Story” failed to convince all four judges. A unanimous decision is required for a contestant to be saved using the “judges’ save.”

A teary-eyed Brown remained optimistic despite hitting the end of the “Idol” road. “I’m not going to stop singing for my fans because I love to do this. I am excited for the future,” she said.

The other two of the bottom three were Paige Miles, who impressed on Tuesday despite singing with laryngitis, and Tim Urban, whose reggae version of “Under My Thumb” received the harshest criticisms from the judges.