Lady Gaga Sued by Ex-Boyfriend

Lady Gaga is facing a $30.5-million lawsuit filed by a former boyfriend and producer, who claims that the singer ditched him after she became famous. Rob Fusari claimed in his affidavit that he gave the singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, her now famous moniker Lady Gaga. He also said that he helped shaped the singer and co-wrote some songs, including the monster hit “Paparazzi.”

Fusari had credits in the Will Smith hit “Wild, Wild West” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious.” Fusari said in his suit that he and Gaga became romantically involved in 2006, the same year that they created Team Love Child LLC to provide the singer a vehicle to launch her career.

The producer said that since Lady Gaga released her “The Fame” album in 2008, he has not received his 20 percent share of song royalties that they agreed upon. Fusari is credit as a producer in “The Fame.” He claims that Gaga also owes him his 15 percent share of revenues from merchandizes. Fusari has received $611,000 in checks, but he insists that Gaga owes him more.